Hólar in Hjaltadalur
Enjoy Garden Angelica Soup at a Historical Setting

IJ3E6940[1]Hólar, which is located in the northern part of the country not far from Sauðarkrókur, is a site of cultural and historical importance. From 1106 Hólar was one of two Episcopal sees in Iceland and became a site for learning and education. Still a site for learning today, Hólar now also provides it‘s visitors with accommodation and a restaurant with some very interesting courses.

DSCN0313[1]Ólafur Jónsson, the manager of tourism in Hólar, says that the restaurant emphasizes on providing unique dishes which rely on local materials. One of these is the renowned Garden Angelica Soup which is made from Garden Angelicas (Angelica archangelica) picked from a valley nearby. In the time of Vikings the Garden Angelica was renowned for its medicinal qualities, a myth supported by modern research which indicates that consumption of the herb strengthens the immune system and that it is effective against various bacteria, fungal infections and even viral infections.
DSC_0513[1]Another course is the Arctic char which is caught locally on a daily basis and thus always served fresh. Other courses are spiced with  locally gathered herbs and mushrooms. Activities are abundant in Hólar, including a camping ground located in a tranquil forest setting, various walking paths, hiking options, church, swimming pool and various exhibitions detailing the historical and cultural importance of the site.