FBP_8321PEACE WITH NATURE AND BIRDS Hotel Látrabjarg brings back the simple joys of life On Europe’s western–most tip, Hotel Látrabjarg is set amidst a photographer’s and birdwatcher’s paradise at the furthermost point of the Westfjords. It’s a rugged countryside here, with sheer cliffs rising high above the fjords. Although the road is paved from the ferry terminal to Patreksfjörður, the nearest town, from the end of the fjord, a gravel road takes you to the beaches of Rauðisandur, the bird cliffs of Látrabjarg and the hotel. The route is studded with spectacular vistas, ending in a bay that, with its curved white sand beach and clear blue waters looks as if it belongs in a travel brochure for the Caribbean. The hotel has a commanding view of the fjord, where whales can sometimes be seen, and of the bay and valley below, where sheep graze peacefully. It’s an almost idyllic situation during the summer months, when it is open from 15th May to 20th September. It was originally built as a boarding school for local children. Although it can handle up to 40 guests, owners Karl and Sigríður like to maintain a close, homely atmosphere and therefore do not take groups during the high season. This has made it popular with individuals who appreciate its simple style, delicious meals and tranquil surroundings, with their constantly changing colours. Hótel Látrabjarg Fagrihvammur, Örlygshöfn • 451 Patreksfirði +354 456 1500 [email protected] www.latrabjarg.com