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Icelandic Times – 25

When it comes to the weather, this winter has been one of the most diverse in the memories of even the most experienced Icelanders. There have been storms and even tempests in abundance to the point that it has even caught the eye of the international media. There have also been lots of beautiful calm winter nights and an unusually high number of sightings of the spectacular Aurora Borealis, which have sported the most beautiful colour variations seen in years. f1 icelandic times 25icelandic times 25 issueRegardless of the unpredictable Icelandic weather, travellers should find a wealth of exciting and unique activities provided by the numerous travel companies who strive to make your vacation as memorable and pleasant as possible – despite the capriciousness of the weather gods. For those who prefer a quieter holiday, there are also plenty of options encompassing relaxation and indulgence in various forms. And the business section of this magazine can provide excellent reading to the open minded opportunist who is always on the lookout for openings to be seized. We hope you find this magazine filled with interesting content and helpful information, and that your holiday meets your expectations in the best possible way! – Edda Snorradóttir  

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Icelandic Times – Issue 25

icelandic times issue 25