Hotel Bjarkalundur is at the entrance to the West Fjords

Under the majestic Vaðalfjöll mountain, with its two distinctive tops of volcanic basalt plugs, nestles Bjarkalundur, the oldest country hotel in Iceland. Surrounded by an ancient birch wood, the hotel’s immediate environment is friendly and welcoming. This historic and popular resting spot has served Icelanders and foreign guests for sixty-five years.

A World Apart
Bjarkalundur is conveniently located to stop for a breather before entering Iceland’s most remote region, the West Fjords. The hotel has, throughout its history, welcomed guests and made them comfortable. In the past, dances were held during the summer months and still the Midsummer Night bonfire is an event frequented by locals and travellers alike.
The Western Fjords are a world apart, as reflected in the folk tale of the trolls who tried to dig this mountainous peninsula away from the mainland to establish a troll colony, free of men and their meddling. The landscape is a mixture of deep narrow fjords, high mountains and luscious green plants. Tall cliffs, teeming with birdlife rise sharply from the deep blue sea.

Enjoy a respite at Bjarkalundur before and after experiencing the amazing charm of the West Fjords and their people. You will find it just off Road 60.

Hotel Bjarkalundur
380 Reykhólahreppur

434-7762, 434-7863

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