Sailors and Storms
Immerse yourself in Maritime Historytomthus
The Icelandic people have experienced the sea for centuries as both a nourishing mother and a cruel predator. Rich fishing grounds helped them to survive on this rough island, but countless fishermen also lost their lives in the unpredictable oceans. The families left behind continued the hard fisherman’s life, and even women, out of sheer necessity, went fishing at times. They have formed the backbone of the fish processing industry for many decades.
Experience the life of the past
The Icelandic Maritime Museum tells a story of struggle with the elements. A permanent exhibition stocked by a large number of original items from the seafarers’ lives can be experienced. Standing on the reconstructed quay, immersed in the life of the old Reykjavik harbour, or watching movies about fishing 100 years ago is as impressive as trying out the old equipment in order to get a feeling for how a fisherman’s life might have been.
A heroic rescuer and defender
A more modern seafaring flavour is set by the Óðinn, Iceland’s first Coast Guard vessel, that enjoys her retirement on the museum’s wharf and can be explored. Óðinn’s 46-year history tells about spectacular rescues as well as about her role in the so-called Cod Wars, when the ship expelled British trawlers from Icelandic fishing grounds.
In the hall next to the museum café you will find current exhibitions. End your stay in the inspiring museum’s café with its spacious terrace and enjoy the view over Reykjavik’s beautiful harbour.