Akureyri Museum: In the Friendly Town by the Bay
Located in the oldest part of Akureyri, you’ll find the charming Akureyri Museum. There you will find interesting and elaborate exhibitions which give a good insight into the history and culture of the Eyjafjörður area throughout the centuries.

minjasafnadal-1The permanent exhibitions are: ‘Akureyri – The Town by the Bay’ and ‘Eyjafjörður from the Settlement’. In addition, there is one ongoing exhibition ‘Treasure – Twenty photographers in Akureyri and Surroundings 1858-1965.’ The exhibitions of the Akureyri Museum will surely provide something to interest all, from the youngest to the oldest, from families to groups travelling together.

On this beautiful, green spot in Akureyri, one can certainly find a magical world of its own. The magic is well reflected both in the museum itself and in the biggest exhibit, a small, beautiful church from the 19th century. The church is located in the museum garden, one of Iceland’s oldest ornamental gardens. The museum store is a nice surprise, offering many fine items, including a good variety of Icelandic craft and design items. On the same spot as Akureyri Museum, you will also find Nonni’s house in the memory of one of Iceland’s most beloved authors, Jón Sveinsson–Nonni. Be sure not to miss these nice museums on your way through Akureyri.

The Akureyri Museum is open every day 10-17.

Further information is available on www.minjasafnid.is