Volcano Tours: Inside the Volcano
-Volcano Tours Offer you the Chance to Stand inside a Volcano and Descend below the Surface into Ancient Lava Caves
Much has been said and written about Iceland’s many unique geographical phenomena, but there is nothing that beats the experience of actually walking inside a volcanic crater or descending into mysterious caves under the surface of the earth. Tourist company Volcano Tours offers a variety of unique excursions which explore the multitude of craters, caves, lava fields, hot springs and geothermal areas found on the Reykjanes peninsula.

100_0081Jaw Dropping Experience
The staff of Volcano Tours have years of experience of cave exploring and touring the volcanic craters and can thus give you the full details of Reykjanes’ unique landscape. Erling Einarsson, owner of Volcano Tours, estimates that he has explored over 200 caves on the Reykjanes peninsula, yet when he enters a new cave his jaw still drops to the floor in awe. „It is truly a rewarding experience to stand face to face to the awesome powers of the earth. I often see it in the faces of the groups I bring to the caves, people sometimes stand still in amazement and even forget to take photographs. That‘s when I know the trip has been a success,“ says Erling.

Buri 006 volcano1Reykjanes‘ geographical history is as rich as it is long. Reykjanes is in fact a part of the mid Atlantic ridge, which lies along the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and is the longest  mountain range in the world. Volcanic eruptions on the Reykjanes peninsula have been frequent throughout the ages, the last major eruption occuring in the 13th century. This high level of volcanic activity has created a wide array of unique geological phenomena, many of which Volcanic Tours provide a chance to explore up close and personal. When some of the volcanoes became inactive hundreds of years ago they suddenly emptied themselves and are now hollowed out. This gives us the chance to explore them from the inside, which

lava 2Erling says is an experience which will not be easily forgotten. „It is an amazing experience to stand inside a volcano and see how the lava once oozed down the crater walls like melted chocolate when the lava stopped spurting up from beneath the surface,“ says Erling. Volcano Tours offer many varieties of excursions which frequently include around 20-25 stops at various geological and historical locations, depending on the customers field of interest. Tours include an experienced guide and protective clothes as well as a full cave exploring kit, including helmets, headlamps, overalls and mittens. Tours can include hiking and/or short walks, all depending on the wishes of the customer. All of Volcano Tours’ excursions are on 4×4 jeeps, with six passengers in each vehicle.

Dance of the Spirits
During the wintertime Volcano Tours also gives you the unique opportunity to catch the northern lights in all their glory. The Aurora Borealis Tour is tailor made so that you can experience this marvelous phenomenon in all its  glory. Volcanic Tours will help find the perfect spots for you to view and photograph the “dance of the spirits” in the comfort of a luxurious jeep and warm overalls.

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