Laufás by Eyjafjörður

Laufás is one of the most beautiful turf houses in the country and is part of the National Museum of Iceland. It stands on the east side of Eyjafjörður, 30 km / 18 mi north of Akureyri. The oldest part of the turf house is from the 16th century but was rebuilt with great dignity when Reverend Björn Halldórsson lived in Laufás in 1853 – 1882. In those years, between twenty and thirty people lived in Laufásbær because many workers were needed to make use of this lush coastal land. Today, Laufás is a museum made up of furniture from around the turn of the 20th century. The Museum of Akureyri oversees the turf house. It takes care of the operation and service of the tourists who pass through to see Iceland as it was 150 years ago or so.

Laufás, the house and the church. Laufás has been a rectory since about 1000 when Icelanders converted to Christianity.

The turf farm was rebuilt from 1853 to 1882

Laufáskirkja Church was built in 1865, and the pulpit in the church is from 1698. You will also find the oldest mountain ash at Laufás, planted in 1855.


Suður-Þingeyjarsýsla 27/03/2022 10:35 – 11:27 : A7C – A7R IV  : FE 1.4/24mm GM – FE 1.8/135mm GM

Photos and text : Páll Stefánsson