Photo series from the west

Snæfellsjökull is probably the crown jewel of the west. The light that’s exceptionally beautiful in the west in the late summer. Icelandic Times took a trip around Snæfellsnes to capture the light and the mood that is so magical at this time of year. When the fog creeps in to Rif and the moon kisses Grundarfjörður in Breiðafjörður. This is just how Iceland looks… right at this moment.

In Kolgrafarfjörður

Grundarfjörður bathed in the moonlight

Kirkjufell towering over Grundarfjörður

The church at Búðir

Perfection in Hnappadalur

Eldborg and Snæfellsjökull

The ever so beautiful Snæfellsjökull

Looking towards Rif (3 small lights in the left corner) in Breiðafjörður in a perfect latesummer night

Photographs & text: Páll Stefánsson
Snæfellsnes  11/08/2023 : RX1R II, A7RV : 2.0/35mm Z, FE 1.2/50mm GM, FE 2.8/100mm GM