Creative Tours Iceland Offers a Unique Experience

Creative Tours Iceland

My main focus is on personal and relaxing tours for all ages. I want to give people the time they need to really see and feel what Iceland is about,” says Birgit Fork, the owner of Creative Tours Iceland.

Birgit, who moved from Germany to Iceland in 2008, says that individuals and families can choose day tours where the aim is to photograph or paint or play in nature.

Creative Tours Iceland offers 8 different day tours: The Golden Circle (a ‘Meet the Natives’ course is optional); Volcano Kids (summertime), Reykjanes; Whalefjord (visit to whale museum included); Northern Delights (wintertime); Creative Tour; South Coast (Jökulsárlón optional) and the ‘Just for You’ tour.

Creative Tours Iceland

Paint, Photograph or Play

The Volcano Kids tour is for families with children. The aim is to see Iceland through children’s eyes, play and visit the lamb farm Bjarteyjarsandur in Hvalfjörður. Birgit is a pedagogue and loves to offer tours where the children can enjoy themselves.
Diamond BeachBirgit is also a painter and she decided to offer a unique tour, the Creative Tour, where people have the possibility to let their creativity flow by painting, photographing or writing in Icelandic landscapes.

Creative Tours Iceland offers trips for groups of up to 12 people. Available languages are German and English. Pick-up from the accommodation is flexible, especially in the summertime “because it never gets dark and we are out to catch the best moments,” says Birgit.–KB