Experience warm rich flavors of Nepal at Himalayan Spice

Himalayan Spice is a Nepalese restaurant in downtown Reykjavik that serves a mix of foods based on Nepal’s cultural diversity and geography. The bright and inviting restaurant opened in 2018 and it has quickly become a favourite of many locals and tourists alike! As the only Nepalese restaurant in Reykjavík, Himalayan Spice adds greatly to the diversity and flavour of the food scene in the capital city.

An authentic experience

The way the meals foods are prepared and served at Himalayan Spice is completely traditional and the staff takes great pride in keeping the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant authentic to Nepalese culture. Nepalese food comprises a variety cuisines due to the more than 26 different ethnic groups who inhabit the country. The key for Himalayan Spice is to use a wide variety of organic spices and fresh ingredients that make the meals healthy and delicious.

An exciting, flavorful menu

Himalayan Spice´s menu offers a diverse array of dishes that will satisfy your palatte. While perusing the menu, you may be hard-pressed to decide what to order as the options are plentiful, for meat-eaters as well as vegetarians. Guests can choose from the extensive Tandoori section, choosing from lamb, chicken, salmon, or a mix of meats that were tenderly charred in the restaurant´s Tandoori oven. Other delicous options include chicken tikka masala, a host of curry dishes, chicken chowmein, and Himalayan noodle soups. One of the most popular entrees on the menu are the mo:mos, bite-sized dumplings made with either lamb, chicken, or vegetables. The dumplings are either fried or steamed and are served with Himalayan chutney.

A unique dining experience

Himalayan Spice and its style is completely new and a different concept in the city of Reykjavik. The staff want to do more than serve their customers quality food, they want guests to savoir the richness of the spices and the uniqueness of the flavors. The owners are also committed to keeping prices on the lower end to ensure that guests can have a delicious, yet affordable, meal in the heart of Reykjavík.

Himalayan Spice Iceland
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