Hike in the freedom of the mountains in comfort

takgil icelandic timesCamping in Iceland? Are you joking? Isn’t it freezing? What about the volcanoes and all that ash? Þakgil Camp Site is a popular spot for Icelanders who love beauty and enjoy the hiking in the area. Do you really think they would go there in such numbers if it were covered in ash? Takgil icelandic times IMG_0883
Set at the base of a spectacular canyon with a beautiful river running through it, there is no ash here. A climb to the top of one of the surrounding mountains offers a view of range after range waiting to be conquered, green expanses contrasting with craggy rocks and sparkling waterfalls.takgil icelandic times iceland Picture 024
There is plenty of room to breathe here. You can bring a tent, a camper or caravan or, if you prefer, stay in one of the summerhouses. All the normal facilities are available. It‘s nice to know that, after a day’s hike, you can take a refreshing shower before grilling your dinner as the sun slips behind the mountains.
If you enjoy the freedom of the mountains, this camp site is the perfect place to base from. – ASF

Tjaldstæðið Þakgil

Höfðabrekkuafrétti  • 870 Vík
+354 893 4889
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