The Experience of a Lifetime

Iceland on Horseback with Pólar Hestar of North Iceland

polar hestar icelanic times MG_0421One of Iceland’s most iconic symbols can be found in its own special breed of horse, known for its friendly nature and its two extra gaits. The hardy and sure-footed Icelandic horse is an excellent introduction to the world of riding, and what better way to experience Iceland than from the back of one of these magnificent creatures that have been part of the Icelandic landscape for over a thousand years.
Now you can get a feel for the real Iceland with Pólar Hestar Tours of North Iceland who offer a range of riding tours that appeal to all levels of ability, from the absolute beginner all the way to the most seasoned rider. The tours can be arranged from 1 to 4 hour period.

porlar hestar grytubakki icelanic times ETexampleShort Duration Tours are perfect for beginners or those with a little riding experience. These reasonably priced tours run from just one hour to two hours up to half-day tours of 4 hours and are also available in winter, weather permitting. This is a wonderful introduction to the Icelandic horse and great fun for both adults and children. For intermediate riders there are many options to choose from including our popular ‘Between the Fjord and the Valley of the Elves Tour’. This 6–day, 5–night tour takes you through lovely landscapes, with breathtaking views, delightful deep green valleys with rushing brooks and along a fascinating scenic coastline.

polar hestar icelandic times Etexam2-unninRing Around the Midnight Sun
The fragrance of early spring, bright nights and the awakening nature are characteristics of this tour, which consists of several rides and sightseeing by bus. You will experience the days around the midnight sun visiting the famous turf houses of Laufás, the whales in Eyjafjörður fjord and the amazing area around the breathtaking Lake Mývatn. A Midnight Ride as a highlight of the week at this special time of year when the sun hardly sets is included.polar hestar icelandic times IMG_0428


Fascinating North Iceland Tour
Take part in this exhilarating 8–day, 7–night tour–a wonderful opportunity to experience the diversity of Iceland’s mesmerising nature. The tour’s itinerary includes some of North Iceland’s well known waterfalls as well as Europe’s most active volcanic area. You can witness the breathtaking Highlands, once the domain of outlaws, elves and trolls, and journey over ancient lava fields in this unforgettable tour that is suitable for more experienced riders. Skjalfand

polar hestar icelandic times SusibaluPólar Hestar Tours is run by the husband and wife team of Stefán and Juliane and has been a firm favourite with horse lovers from around the world for over 30 years.