Sulfur dioxide pollution from the ongoing Holuhraun eruption has reached 1483U2/m3 and is expected to continue at this level over the next few days, according to reports by the Environment Agency of Iceland and the Icelandic Met Office. Individuals in the affected areas with underlying health conditions or who are prone to respiratory problems should avoid outside activities during this period.

Tourists are encouraged to track changes in air quality by checking for updates in air quality at the following websites:



The Environment Agency of Iceland’s English web page has a FAQ section and provides detailed instructions on how to respond should the the SO2 levels reach extreme levels, as has been the case off and on throughout the Holuhraun eruption.  A table listing the adverse health effects of short-term volcanic SO2 exposure and recommended preventative measures is available on the Directory of Health website:  https://www.landlaeknir.is/english/volcanic-eruption-in-holuhraun-human-health-effext/