Photographer Kristján Ingi Einarsson’s
latest book is a triumph

Volcanic eruption in Geldingadalir


Iceland is an undeniably beautiful place, but it takes a skilled photographer to capture the true essence of this idyllic island. In his recently published book, Pure Iceland, Kristján Ingi Einarsson expertly photographs diverse landscapes, unique geology and thrilling natural phenomena. Pure Iceland features photographs from every  corner of Iceland, from the hauntingly beautiful black sands of Reynisfjara in the south to Hvítserkur, the  legendary sea stack in the north. Geology enthusiasts will especially be interested in the book as the photos of  vast lava fields, bubbling geothermal areas and the epic eruption of Fagradalsfjall remind readers that the land of Iceland is very much alive. Pure Iceland Photographer Kristján Ingi Einarsson’s latest book is a triumph



Wondrous waterfalls
The sheer beauty of the waterfalls at Svartifoss, Seljalandsfoss and Hraunfossar are documented perfectly as  white water crashes metres below in the midst of an epic landscape. Kristján Ingi also captures some of the ice in Iceland with starkly beautiful shots of ice caves in the Highlands and enormous glacier outlets bathed in soft  light. Beautiful Icelandic poetry Pure Iceland includes texts from some of Iceland’s most revered poets and  authors, including Halldór Laxness, Streingrímur Thorsteinsson, and Steinunn Sigurðadóttir. The words  complement Kristján Ingi’s photographs perfectly, creating an extra layer of beauty to the book.

Kristján Ingi Einarsson

The man behind the lens
Kristján Ingi is the author of several bestselling books that exhibit Icelandic nature at its best. His previously published books include The Essence of Iceland, Iceland So Quiet, I was here, Niceland, and Horses & Nature. He started taking photographs as a boy and later worked for various newspapers, magazines, companies and  institutions. Kristján Ingi has held numerous photographic exhibitions, with his most recent work focused on landscapes interpreting his vision of Iceland. His books are available for purchase in bookshops like Eymundsson and most tourist shops.