Purveyors of Angelica Seek Promoters Abroad

Take 2 decades of scientific investigation and 1100 years of history. Mix with pure Icelandic angelica, clinical research and innovative marketing. Voilà: SagaMedica.


Kristinn Leifsson.

SagaMedica has been selling popular natural products for almost a decade. It was founded by academics from the University of Iceland and has grown steadily through the years. The company is beginning to export products to North America and launched an online store a year ago, shipping SagaMedica’s products all around the world. Now their online store is being beefed up with a new ‘Promoter Network’ that will make it possible for individuals to earn commissions by promoting Icelandic natural products abroad.

Kristinn Leifsson is SagaMedica’s online marketing wizard and proud father of the Promoter Network.

IT: What kind of products does SagaMedica sell?
KL: We sell natural products from Icelandic medicinal herbs, especially angelica. Our top product is called SagaPro. It helps people who have to make frequent bathroom trips at night. It’s currently going through a clinical study, which is a very important step for us. We also have other products, such as Voxis lozenges and SagaVita for cold and flu, and we’re working on a tablet version of SagaMemo, which will then be added to our online selection. SagaMemo is used to maintain a healthy memory. On top of that, we’re collaborating with other Icelandic companies to make a wider selection of Icelandic natural products available through our network.

IT: So, what’s the deal with this new network?
KL: Well, we’ve been selling our products online for a year now. The new network is linked to our online store, but it reaches people outsidesagamedica2 the internet and channels them to our store with the help of independent promoters. Our network will give people all over the world a chance to earn commissions by promoting SagaMedica’s products.

IT: How does it work?
KL: It’s really quite simple. We give you a code which you hand out to those you think might be interested in Icelandic natural products. When they sign up with that code in our online store, they get a better price and you are automatically linked to them and their future purchases. When they buy, you get a commission. The products are purchased directly from our online store and we ship them to the buyer, so the promoter can focus on promoting, as opposed to going around delivering products. It couldn’t really be easier for the promoter, and that was our goal from the beginning.

Angelica and lupines in HriseyIT: And can anyone join?
KL: Yes, absolutely. We’re hoping to have at least hundreds of promoters in the future. We’re especially aiming for health practitioners, homeopaths, herbalists and others. But anyone interested can join. We’re even targeting urologists in some countries because SagaPro can reduce frequency of urination. And they don’t even need to carry any products themselves, just tell people about us and give them a code with information. We’d also love to see Icelanders living abroad joining us.

SagaPro 2IT: Let’s say our readers are interested. What would be the first step toward joining?
KL: It’s best to check it out on our website, www.sagamedica.com. There’s information on our network right there, and people can contact us if they’re interested.

According to Kristinn, the angelica herb used to be an important export item for Iceland during the Middle Ages. Seems like history might be starting to repeat itself…

More information is available on www.sagamedica.com