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Vatnajökull – Water Glacier. One of the World‘s biggest Glacier and by far the largest in Europe is a world of endless wonders. Imagine flying over Vatnajökull‘s majestic Mt. Hvannadalshnjúkur, Iceland‘s highest peak or the thunderous Öræfajökull volcano. So roll up, roll up, for the Magical Mystery Tour is waiting to take you away.

Sightseeing over Iceland's landscape

For the first time, helicopter tours are on offer in the South-East by Atlantsflug – Flight Atlantic – from Skaftafell Terminal. In the surroundings of Skaftafell National Park you‘ll find Iceland‘s majestic nature; sprawling glaciers, rugged highlands, moonlike volcanic craters, weaving riverbeds and unspoiled wilderness. The magnificent glacial riverbeds of Skeiðará run through the black sand plain of Skeiðarársandur which surrounds the airfield. Then there is Landmannalaugar nature reserve in the highlands, famed as Iceland’s natural paradise with magical multi-colored rhyolite mountains.

Landmannalaugar flight

The volcanic eruption that changed the world

The moonlike Laki Craters originate in the world‘s biggest volcanic eruption in historic times. The system erupted violently over an eight-month period in 1783-84 from the Laki fissure and the adjoining volcano Grímsvötn at Vatnajökull, pouring out an estimated 42 billion tons of basalt lava leading to a famine which killed a quarter of Iceland’s population, over 50% of livestock and the destruction of the vast majority of all crops.

Laki Craters flight

The Laki eruption and its aftermath caused a drop in global temperatures as 120 million tons of sulfur dioxide was spewed into the Northern Hemisphere which caused crop failures and famine in Europe. Some scholars claim Laki was the cause of the French Revolution.

Sightseeing flights Iceland

First helicopter tours in the South-East

Atlantsflug is the first operator to offer helicopter tours in South-East Iceland. The helicopter operations supplement the company‘s acclaimed fixed-wing sightseeing flights it has operated from Skaftafell and Bakki Airport for years. The helicopter‘s versatility is perfectly suited for its all-year operations around the Skaftafell National Park and surrounding highlands, one of Iceland‘s most popular tourist areas and home to a vast array of attractions and activities.

Helicopter flights Iceland

The addition also follows Atlantsflug recently being awarded Luxury Travel Guide’s prestigious Lifestyle Award as Tour Operator of the Year in Iceland for 2018/2019. Being able to offer helicopter tours from Skaftafell allows Atlantsflug to further cater to the luxury and lifestyle market and provide a full range of flexible services.

Helicopter to Laki Craters

The helicopter will be stationed at Skaftafell Terminal – Tour Center, Atlantsflug‘s new headquarters and tourist center which provides a service area and meeting point for local tour operators. Tröll Expeditions recently joined Skaftafell Terminal – Tour Center as the first official partner, and discussions with further potential partners are underway.

Glacier lagoon fly tour

A long time goal achieved

„Getting a helicopter to Skaftafell is a long-time goal which has now been achieved. The first step was building our new facility which is now up and running. This is a great and exciting next step for us, and I encourage operators that are interested in taking part in our journey ahead to get in touch,“ says Jón Grétar Sigurðsson, Atlantsflug CEO.
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