Sail with Whales
Whale Watching Hauganes is Iceland’s oldest whale watching tour operator

Specialising in whale watching and sea angling since it was founded in 1993, the company has been operating from Hauganes, a small fishing village on the west side of Eyjafjörður, just 30km North of Akureyri (a short 25 minute drive).
From this picturesque town, their tour will quickly immerse you in the midst of the whale populations and the rich sealife characteristic of the area. Whether the whales have ventured deep into the fjord or are staying closer to the island of Hrísey, they are always just a short trip away from Hauganes.

Whale Watching
Enjoy a comfortable tour on one of their two traditional Icelandic oak boats, while observing the fantastic scenery, birdlife, and of course the diverse range of whale species of Eyjafjordur. Commonly, Humpback Whales, Minke Whales, Harbour Porpoises and White Beaked Dolphins are seen. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of a Killer Whale or a Blue Whale! Then, after the thrill of watching the whales in the fjord, enjoy a little sea angling on the return trip and have your catch filleted to take with you.

Carbon neutral tours
Carbon emissions play an ever-increasing role in environmental issues such as climate change. With the company’s carbon neutral programme, their carbon emissions are neutralized through the creation of a special Whale Forest forestry plan. By planting one tree for each whale watching tour, they offset their carbon dioxide emissions, sequestering the amount of carbon equivalent to their emissions. Also, their oak boats run partially on biodiesel made from recycled cooking oil from restaurants. Guests can therefore be assured that, by travelling with Whale Watching Hauganes, they minimize their carbon footprint. Good for our guests and, of course, amazing for the environment!

100% Success Rate
Each one of boats’ captains spend their winters as professional fishermen, so you can be assured you’re in good hands during the summer season of whale watching. In 2016 they had a 100% success rate of spotting whales and expect no less in 2017!

Each tour includes hot coffee and delicious pastries as well as warm safety clothing. All the equipment you may need to enjoy sea angling or deep sea fishing is available for you on board the ship.


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