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Eimverk Distillery

Flóki Whiskey

Eimverk Distillery is a family run distillery dedicated to making premium Icelandic spirits from 100% local ingredients. The journey began in 2009 with the the first experimental batch of Flóki being made from just a couple of kilos of Icelandic barley. The goal was always to make a great and truly Icelandic whisky. Over the course of four years, the recipe was developed and improved, and the final recipe for Flóki took 163 different iterations.

Today, Eimverk produces Flóki, Icelandic Young Malt as well as a Flóki, Sheep Dung Smoked Reserve. They also pot distill an authentic Icelandic gin called Vor as well as a small batch distilled Aquavite called Víti Brennivín

The whisky Distillery is located in Garðabær about 10 – 15 minutes taxi ride from downtown Reykjavík. Tours are available by appointment (so please book ahead), for reservation please book online here


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Lyngás 13 210 Garðabær

+354 698 9691

[email protected]


Tours available by appointment