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Omnom Chocolate - Iceland

Omnom Chocolate

Omnom Chocolate factory is a small batch, artisan chocolate maker located in Reykjavík, Iceland. It started as an experiment in 2013 and is now a well known bra...
Anna Maria Design

Anna María Design

Anna María has been designing jewelry for over 20 years. In her workshop in Reykjavik, she has designed timeless pieces of art for both men and women. Anna M...
Sóley Organics

Sóley Organics

Sóley Organics use only the best natural ingredients from the Icelandic nature in all their products ranging from healing balms to face masks, a complete skinca...
Fish oil - Lysi

Lysi Fish Oils

Lysi is the leading producer of fully refined fish oils for human consumption and is spearheading research and product development in its field. With state-o...
Ófeigur Jewelry

Ófeigur Jewelry

Ófeigur Björnsson is a master gold & silversmith and started his business back in 92. His jewelry design is well known in Iceland and abroad. Ófeigur run...
Eagle Air domestic flights Iceland

Eagle Air

Eagle air was founded in 1970. Their initial focus was ambulance service but quickly extended to domestic charter and now reaches over 30 countries and hundreds...
Feel Iceland

Feel Iceland Products

Feel Iceland is a creation by two Icelandic women who wanted to make people look and feel their natural best in a sustainable way with beauty & wellness pro...
Teitur Travel Bus trips

Teitur Travel

Teitur Travel, founded in 1963, is one of Iceland's biggest bus companies. A family company known for their customer care and runs a solid carbon emission offse...
GT Travel Coach Company

GT Travel Coach Company

GT Travel - Guðmundur Tyrfingsson is a coach company founded back in 1969. They have buses and coaches in all sizes, including the newest ones in Iceland. They ...
Vera Design

Vera Design

Vera Design is the product of the collaboration of goldsmith Guðbjartur Þorleifsson who has 60 years of experience and stylist & designer Íris Björk Jónsdót...
Reykjavik Raincoats

Reykjavik Raincoats

Reykjavik Raincoats are handmade raincoats, using only the best materials to withstand the worst of weather Iceland can throw at you. Designed in timeless fashi...
Happy Tours

Happy Tours – Reykjavik

Happy Tours is a small family company running an old and lovely fishing boat from Hafnarfjörður since 2009. Their goal is to give guests an intimate and informa...
Sólon Bistro = Bar

Sólon Bistro – Bar

Sólon Bistro Bar is located smack downtown in Reykjavik. A place renowned for their food and atmosphere where both locals and visitors meet and enjoy world clas...
Timberland Iceland

Timberland Iceland

Timberland boots are like made for the rugged landscape of Iceland as can be witnessed here for many people wear them. They have proved to withstand the harsh w...
Reykjavik Maritime Museum

Reykjavík Maritime Museum

The Reykjavík Maritime Museum, located in an old fish freezing plant, opened its doors in June 2005. Located in the old harbor, the surroundings already sets th...
The Settlement Exhibition

The Settlement Exhibition

The Settlement Exhibition, a museum in the middle of Reykjavik, displays the settlement of Reykjavik, of its first inhabitants, their lives, important houses as...
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