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region: Capital Area

Sólon Bistro = Bar

Sólon Bistro – Bar

Sólon Bistro Bar is located smack downtown in Reykjavik. A place renowned for their food and atmosphere where both locals and visitors meet and enjoy world clas...
Timberland Iceland

Timberland Iceland

Timberland boots are like made for the rugged landscape of Iceland as can be witnessed here for many people wear them. They have proved to withstand the harsh w...
Reykjavik Maritime Museum

Reykjavík Maritime Museum

The Reykjavík Maritime Museum, located in an old fish freezing plant, opened its doors in June 2005. Located in the old harbor, the surroundings already sets th...
The Settlement Exhibition

The Settlement Exhibition

The Settlement Exhibition, a museum in the middle of Reykjavik, displays the settlement of Reykjavik, of its first inhabitants, their lives, important houses as...
Árbær Open Air Museum - Reykjavik

Árbær Open Air Museum

Árbær Open Air Museum is a lovely living museum in Reykjavik where you can walk around and enter houses from times gone. Enjoy costumed guides, grazing animals ...
Fjallakofinn Outdoor Store

Fjallakofinn Outdoor Store

Fjallakofinn is your one-stop outdoor store for your adventure in Iceland's beautiful landscape. Whatever you might need like tents, walking boots & protect...
Aurora Reykjavik

Aurora Reykjavik

At Aurora Reykjavik - The Northern Lights center in Reykjavik, you can learn about the Aurora Borealis, the Northern lights. They also have a fantastic cinema +...
Ed Sheeran JS Watch


JS Watch co is the first and only watchmaker in Iceland. All watches are handmade with Swiss accuracy and only with European parts making each and every timepie...
Hotel Hotl Reykjavik Iceland

Hotel Holt

Hotel Holt in downtown Reykjavik is a hotel with a history, a flair for beauty coupled with a high end restaurant, original artwork on the walls and a world cla...
Lebowski bar Iceland

Lebowski bar

Anyone who loves a burger knows the dude, The Big Lebowski. This restaurant is downtown Reykjavik and they serve the juiciest burgers with a secret sauce and pl...
Bambus Chinese Cuisine

Bambus Chinese Cuisine

Bambus Chinese Restaurant have built up quite a reputation in the financial district in Reykjavik for excellent Chinese cuisine. Innovative, fresh and with a co...
Urta Islandica

Urta Islandica

Urta Islandica makes the finest salts and herbs from the nature of Iceland.  They offer a wide array of salts like lava and blueberry salt. In their webshop ...
SuperJeep Tour

SuperJeep Tours

SuperJeep.is started in 2002 when a team of highly experienced jeep drivers wanted to make a living from their expertise. The aim was to thrill & educate an...
Tulipop Caracters


Tulipop is Icelandic characters founded in 2010. The world of Tulipop appeals to all those young at heart. A world where traditional gender lines are swept away...
Himalaya Spice Iceland

Himalayan Spice

Himalayan Spice is a Nepalese restaurant in downtown Reykjavik. Nepalese cuisine is a mix of foods based on ethnicity, soil and climate connected to Nepal's cul...
Guðlaugur A Magnússonar

Guðlaugur A. Magnússon

Guðlaugur A. Magnússon is a family jewelry store in downtown Reykjavik who has, since 1924, designed and handmade Icelandic jewelry & silverware. Stop by th...
Icelandic Fish & Chips

Icelandic Fish & Chips

Icelandic Fish & Chips serves a healthier version of Fish & chips than most using only Icelandic ingredients & in the process manages to create a mo...