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General information on the price and
quality of salmon and trout fishing in Iceland

Rivers holding self-sustaining salmon stock here in Iceland are close to one hundred. Approximately 20 of those rivers can be categorized as first class, i.e. rivers with good catch records and first class services and accommodation. Almost all the first class rivers market the prime time of the season internationally and see to that there is no fishing but fly-fishing for that time.  More and more of the rivers keep to the “fly-only” for the whole season, like the Haffjardará, the Vatnsdalsá and the Grimsá. Most anglers here believe that even more rivers will soon ban all bait but the fly, and “catch and release” is increasing year by year.

Most of the first class fishing is sold in 6 or 7 days packages. Some rivers offer 3 days fishing, like the Nordurá and the Rangá. The packages usually include the fishing permits, all food and accommodation, one guide with a car for every two rods and all local transport.  The price for this varies widely – from – say – € 800 up to € 1200 or even more for one rod/day.  Prices may change rapidly, due to the present very unstable rate of the Is.krona  ( (Alcoholic beverages are never included in the price)

Good fishing cannot be guarantied but no river can keep to these high prices without a good catch record. The accommodation is quite comfortable in most of the first class rivers, generally one twin bedded room for every rod. Same goes for the food, almost all of it is good and some superb. All rods can be shared by two persons for a small extra cost, usually € 150 up to 250 per day. All guides are supposed to speak good English, know the river and how to fish it. Most of them can also provide flies that have given good results for that particular river and conditions.

Anglers can fish for a lot less money in most of the others and less known rivers, but the general rule is that no services are included in the price, even if access to self-catering Lodges is part of the price on most of them. A hotel is often to be found not far from the rivers but they are often fully booked in July and August, so it is prudent to book a room as early as possible. Typical prices for this kind of fishing is from €- 225 up to 400- per rod/day.  

Trout fishing is getting more popular year by year but prices are still low. Often the charge is from € 30 up to € 230per rod/day (US $40-  up to 310-).  No services included. For more information on trout fishing, please look at the special page on that topic just below this page.  Also notice that a whole season permit to some 30 lakes, all around Iceland can now be had for only 33 €.  (Information at www.veidikortid.is )

(Last revised in January 2010)

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