Free concert at Reykjavík Maritime Museum

Reykjavík Maritime Museum

Free concert at Reykjavík Maritime Museum on Saturday

Singer Ragnheiður Árnadóttir performs the work Helga EA2 by Ásbjörg Jónsdóttir at the Reykjavík Maritime Museum, Saturday 25 May at 14:00.

Ásbjörg composed this piece especially for Ragnheiður on Dark Music Days using the poem of Ragnar S. Helgason which tells the story of Helga EA2, a ship that was bought to Iceland some time ago.

Helga, a fiancé of the carpenter died during the ship’s launch and was subsequently considered the ship’s guardian guard and followed it and protected until the ship sailed without a crew out to sea and has since not been seen. The work is sort of a conversation between Helga and the narrator. Everything revolves around the voice, its nuances and its ways of expressing emotions and telling a story, without and with words.

Free admission and everyone is welcome.

The concert is sponsored by the City of Reykjavik.

101 Reykjavik


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