Hotel Laugarholl

Ghosts, trolls and sorcerers

To Icelanders the Strandir region is wrapped in an aura of mystery. According to lore it’s not only home to ghosts, elves and trolls, but many thought witchcraft was rampant here, used for both good and evil.
Hotel Laugarholl is a peaceful and comfortable family-run country hotel located in the green and sparsely populated valley Bjarnarfjordur, perfectly situated for exploring the remote and beautiful wilderness of mysterious Strandir.

We have single, double and triple rooms with private or shared facilities, a cosy living room with free internet access and a restaurant with special emphasis on fresh and tasty homemade local food as well as global cuisine.

Next to the hotel you will find The Pool of Gvendur the good, a naturally warm geothermal outdoor swimming pool (32°C) and adjacent natural hot pool (42°C), perfect for relaxing after a long day on the road or hiking in the wilderness.

From Reykjavik 258 km, from Stykkishólmur 190 km, from Ísafjörður 250 km, from Akureyri 360 km.

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Bjarnarfjörður 520 Drangsnes

451-3380, 698-5133

[email protected]

Open from 01/04/2015 to 31/10/2015



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