Jurgita Motienjunaite exhibits Gerðubergi.

Jurgita Motienjunaite exhibits a variety of works in the Gerðuberg City Library

Exhibition April 17th – May 16th
Jurgita Motienjunaite’s exhibition about our comfort zones and commercial packages.
We feel happy and safe in our comfort zone. This is our package, our bubble, our container. Often we are afraid of leaving our container; we are afraid of everything that is outside our comfort zone bubble. We are Content to be Contained in our Containers.
Memory is a Container. So is the meaning. We store the Contents that we are Comfortable with in there. It makes us Content.
We also like better to buy goods in packages. We see a promise of quality, quantity and safety assured by the package. Fancy packages can sell anything. Anything that is of the poor quality, unclear quantity and unsafe as well. Packages can preserve goods longer than it is natural. Packaging materials is one of the biggest sources of pollution.
We are Content buying goods Contained in fancy Containers.
Shipping containers transport goods and sometimes illegal passengers for long distances to make people happy. Some are happy being able to receive less expensive goods produced in distant countries, rejecting the local producers of their closest market; some are happy to receive goods that are unavailable in their countries; some are happy to be able to start a new and better life in a different distant country.
People are Content with the Contents of the Containers.
About the artist
I am using recycled materials and especially various recycled packaging containers to create art. My art items aim to create an aesthetic contentment for the beholders looking at the containers containing different things and different meanings.
Art attempts to make the beholders Content observing art, Contained in the recycled Containers.
“I am a Lithuanian artist living in Iceland and juggling three languages – Lithuanian, English and Icelandic – every day. The idea and a description of this exhibition appeared in English event it is not my native language. It made more sense in English as I learned to talk and discuss sustainability and globalization in English. Many English words became international and are used to define global issues in Lithuanian language. But not in Icelandic. I learned a lot making efforts to express the ideas of the exhibition both in Lithuanian and Icelandic.”
Jurgita Motiejunaite born in 1974, graduated from Vilnius Art Academy in 1999. Since then she has participated in numerous exhibitions and projects. Jurgita lives and works in Reykjavík.
The exhibition is a part of the Children’s Culture Festival.
Interview in Fréttablaðið
Interior designer Jurgita Motiejunaite is completing an MA degree in international education in education at the University of Iceland. She herself teaches Lithuanian children and art at the Lithuanian School and has a solo exhibition and other projects on the cards. Lesa meira hér

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Gerðubergi 10 110 Reykjavik

411 6100

[email protected]


17. apríl -16. maí 2021.




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