sTravel is a family owned and operated tour company whose beginnings dates back to the last century – 1999.
At that point in time, isTravel’s founder was working with one of Iceland’s pioneering tour operators.
While our website may not be the fanciest and we may not have the largest office, not many have the experience in the field and on the ground like we do.  We can proudly state that we are among those who took the first part in clearing that path for others to follow when it comes to touring our home – and we hope your home away from home – Iceland. 
 While Iceland may not seem like a big country it has BIG options to offer all travelers based upon their wishes.  Iceland is only 103,000km2/39/768 square miles with a relatively small population of just over 325,000 people.
Iceland is similar in size to the state of Kentucky which is 104,649km2 with a population of 4.4 million people – which is more than twice the size of Denmark 42,925kms2 with a population of 5.6 million people. 
As you can see from the numbers above, when it comes to visiting Iceland, there is definitely more land to ogle over yet still feel welcomed as Iceland is a very modern country when it comes to technology, geo-thermal energy, fashion and food. 
For those of you planning a visit to the “Land of Fire and Ice,” we strongly advise that you at least seek assistance and/or advice from a local tour operator, such as isTRAVEL, to help plan your travel itinerary and interests so you have the best experience possible while here in Iceland.  We want our visitors to leave wanting to come back for more.  We also want our clients and guests to be safe and return home safely with good memories. 
We welcome the opportunity to make your dream vacation a reality because Iceland IS unique when seen from a different point of view by turning Iceland on its’ side. 

Skagabraut ehf. 590303-3210
Eldshöfða 17
110 Reykjavik
tel.+354 492 1500

Eldshöfða 17 110 Reykjavik

492 1500 848-8080

[email protected]

Open all year round.



  • Best of Iceland

    Best of Iceland
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