The working farm offers comfortable accommodation amid a stunning landscape.

Vopnafjörður is full of picturesque mountains, cascading waterfalls, and historical farms, like Síreksstaðir. The history of the region dates back 1,100 years as the bay was first settled by Norwegian seafarers. Foreign merchants frequently sailed to Vopnafjörður in the early modern age, and a settlement gradually formed on a peninsula where the village of Vopnafjörður now stands. Furthermore, the epic Icelandic novel by Nobel Prize winner Halldór Laxness, was said to be inspired by life in the highlands around Vopnafjörður.

A Cozy Stay

Sireksstadir occupies a gorgeous slice of land in the east, close to well-maintained hiking trails and vast landscapes. The farm offers a quaint guesthouse with 8 rooms and two cottages for families or groups intended for 4 people. The cottages are cozy and have a large deck and a barbecue grill, and one has a private hot tub. Guests are invited to observe farm activities, and the rooms are available year-round. This is a working farm that has horses, sheep, hens and rabbits. The in-house restaurant serves local food, like lamb meat from the farm, fresh vegetables, and homemade marmalade, as well as rhubarb and blueberry jam.

Outdoor Activities and Culture

Guests love to embark on outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, swimming and birdwatching. During the winter, you can see northern lights easily from such little light pollution. Also, the old farm Bustarfell is close, where travelers can get a glimpse of traditional Icelandic turf houses. Consider Vopnafjörður during your next stay in Iceland!

Síreksstaðir,  ferðaþjónusta

690 Vopnafjörður

Tel: 354/869-7461