Swan song of a family of six swans

The swan is by far the largest nesting bird in Iceland. It is about ten kilograms, and the wingspan is almost two and a half meters. The swan is fully protected, and the breeding pairs in this country are about 6,000. In the autumn, the population is about 34,000 birds. A large part of the swan population then travels to Great Britain to spend the winter. The swan is a herbivore that lives mainly on aquatic vegetation such as sedge, water horsetail, and pondweed. The swan is very sociable and stays in groups, except during the breeding season, but it nests in the same place year after year like this couple who live on a pond by the farm Tjörn á Mýrum in Hornafjörður. 

Hornafjörður 08/07/2021 11:45 200-600mm