IMG_4423The Famous Football Café
The Litla Kaffistofan is a Mecca for Football Fans and Food Lovers
On the Ring Road, between Reykjavík and Hveragerði and in business since June 1960, Litla Kaffistofanʼs atmosphere has authenticity and warmth in welcoming its customers that has, over the years, received about all possible awards for excellent customer service.
Packed with football memorabilia, this remarkable place has walls filled with photos from Icelandic football history dating from the early 20th century, sometimes even family generations. Flags or other memorabilia are also on display, sent from towns and countries all over the world. Europe‘s best known teams flags are haning there—some even autographed. Brazil and South Africa have sent their native football flags and the fame of Litla Kaffistofan has even travelled all the way to Munchen, a small town in Bavaria, Germany, where an article regarding this extraordinarly collection was published in the local sports paper.

This winter, they plan to put up glass walls facing the road outside Litla Kaffistofan containing further collectibles of football history, in cooperation with Samverk glass factory at Hella.
IMG_4421IMG_4415IMG_4411Sitting down amidst all this glory, customers can truly enjoy the high quality traditional Icelandic food Litla Kaffistofan offers. No less than 37 different servings of smörrebröd—homemade bread with thick layers of salmon, herring and other ingredients, their famous meatsoup (kjötsúpa) and pankakes are available. Put that with steaming cups of hot chocolate or rich coffee and travellers will head back on the road energised and refreshed.