Crispy Spicy chicken burger was the only item on the GASTRO TRUCK’s menu, as it proved to be so popular that nothing else was needed. “We bought a 1984 Step van and Gylfi rebuilt it as a Food Truck, and we drove it around selling chicken burgers”, says Linda Björnsdóttir, who runs Gastro Truck together with Gylfi Bergman Heimisson. “We drove mainly through the commercial areas in Reykjavík and little by little the word spread and the burger became very popular. It is made of specially seasoned chicken that is deep-fried and served with coleslaw made from scratch.

The Gastro Truck - Fodd truck

Now we also offer a vegetarian version and we have a tasting session going on now to decide what to add to the menu – but we will not add anything until we come up with something that has real UMPH”, says Linda. The truck is still running and also a small restaurant in the Food Hall which serves the same delicious chicken burgers.

Grandagarður 16
101 Reykjavík
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+354 419 4500 / 860 1330