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Forget Reykjavik! Djúpivogur is the Real Iceland
For the last 20 years or so, the population of many small towns and villages across Iceland has been declining drastically. Recently, however, many talented young people have returned to raise their families in Djúpivogur. Evidence of this trend is readily visible at the town’s kindergarten where 36 children between the ages of 1 and 5 are enrolled. Compare this with the grade school where the total population of kids ages 6 through 15 is 55 and you get the idea. The innumerable benefits of living so close to nature in one of Iceland’s many enchanting small villages is gradually gaining new ground.

Explore Nature and History
Djúpivogur is a compact little village with a population of only about 350 inhabitants, set at the mouth of both Berufjörður and Hamarsfjörður fjords. One of the area’s distinguishing landmarks is Búlandstindur, which presides over the town with its perfect pyramid-shaped peak. The heart of Djúpivogur is its harbour and the point from which many an interesting day of exploration begins. Just by the docks you will find the oldest house, Langabúð, which dates back to 1790. The deep red and black timber house serves as a cultural centre and heritage museum dedicated to the sculptor Ríkarður Jónsson and politician Eysteinn Jónsson, who was instrumental in transforming Iceland into a prosperous, independent republic. Coffee, tea and homemade cakes are served in the centre’s coffee shop, which is open daily in summer.

A Home to Talent
Elsewhere in this issue of Icelandic Times, you will find articles about a few of those talented people who call Djúpivogur home, such as clothing and accessory designer, Águsta Arnardóttir, semi-precious stone collector, Auðun Baldursson and an overview of Djúpivogur’s specialists in accommodation, Hotel Framtíð.

In summing up life in Djúpivogur, one poignant phrase written by an enthusiastic blogger comes to mind: ‘Forget Reykjavik, this is the Real Iceland’. I couldn’t agree more.

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