Gateway to the Vatnsnes Peninsula






The Icelandic Seal Centre at Hvammstangi

The Icelandic Seal Centre of Hvammstangi, the gateway to the picturesque Vatnsnes Peninsula, provides the perfect starting point for the exploration of this outstandingly beautiful but little-visited corner of North West Iceland. Heralded as the ultimate seal-viewing destination in Iceland, the Vatnsnes Peninsula offers visitors a unique opportunity to observe both harbour seals and grey seals in their natural habitats. And what a better way to learn about these gentle creatures than a stop at the Icelandic Seal Centre in Hvammstangi? Now operating in its new 280 sq. metre premises, the centre multi-tasks as a museum, research centre and  tourist information desk, all under one roof. Through its varied educational exhibits and cultural displays that include seal f olklore, the centre offers a comprehensive view of seals in Iceland, their role and importance in Icelandic history and present day sustainability issues surrounding this sometimes controversial marine mammal. At the tourist information desk, visitors can book seal watching tours, either on land or by sea, as well as accommodation in the area. Established in 2005, the centre is dedicated to ongoing seal research, educational outreach and the promotion of sustainable tourism, particularly as it pertains to seal populations in and around the Vatnsnes Peninsula. selir1_selasetur Iceland Seal Centre

Brekkugata 2 • 530 Hvammstanga

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