The volcanoes at Fagradalsfjall 

The lava flow that comes from the new eruption in Meradalir, now covers 1.25 square kilometers according to data from the University of Iceland’s Geoscience Institute. Measurements made by the organization for the last ten days show that the lava flow has been 10.4 cubic meters per second. It’s a very similar lava flow to last year’s eruption, in the same areas, and a third of the lava flow was in the first days of the eruption. The area now covered by the lava is very similar in size to Hyde Park in London, and almost a third of the size of Central Park in New York. When the lava has filled up the valley where the eruption is now taking place, it will be interesting to see if the lava flows north towards Keflavíkurvegur and the village of Vogar on Vatnsleysuströnd, or south to Suðurstrandarvegur and into the sea.
Fagradalsfjall 15/08/2022 : RX1R II, A7R IV: 2.0/35 Z, FE 200-600 G
Photographs & text: Páll Stefánsson