Landsvirkjun’s wind turbines have been in operation in the area above Búrfell since February, 2013. Operations have proved to be beyond all expectations and utilisation has been exceptional in the first year of operations, even beating the world average.

Landsvirkjun 94bf6078396d2cbcThe average capacity factor (one of the main indicators for the practicality of location) worldwide is approx. 28%. In, 2014 the average capacity factor for Landsvirkjun’s wind turbines was approx. 44% in their first calendar year of operations. This is one of the highest capacity factors for this type of energy in the world and confirms the potential for further wind energy generation in the area. Operational availability has been nearly 99% for one of the turbines and approximately 97.5% for the other which shows how reliable wind turbines are in operations.

Two areas are being further investigated by Landsvirkjun for future development: the Þjórsá and Tungnáa area (where the research wind turbines are located) and the Blanda Hydropower Station utilisation area. A proposal for plans pertaining to an environmental impact assessment of the Búrfell Wind Farm is already available.