Welcome to Bakkafjörður

You can not get further from Reykjavík than to Bakkafjörður, between Þistilfjörður and Vopnafjörður. The atmosphere in Bakkafjörður is consistently fantastic; the settlement is remote, with almost 50 inhabitants. The light is always impressive in the northeast corner of Iceland, in the northernmost fjord of East Iceland. However, most people who travel to Bakkafjörður don’t think much of it; they do not see the beauty. But one thing is for sure, few places in Iceland offer more tranquillity, more beautiful light than by Bakkafjörður, even during the icy dark winter.

Winter in Bakkafirði



Bakkafjörður  – A7R III 90 & A7R IV 50 & RX1R II 35

Photographs and text : Páll Stefánsson