Nuuk Art Museum displays the rich artistic history
of Greenland’s artists 

The Nuuk Art Museum is an integral part of cultural life in Nuuk, as it hosts a permanent exhibition, pop-ups and special events throughout the year. “I would say the art scene is quite vibrant here”, said Hanne Kirkegaard, the  museum’s director. “Travellers should visit Nuuk to see what’s going on with Greenlandic cultural scene.”

The Museum’s proud history
Nuuk Art Museum was a gift from Svend and Helene Junge Pedersen to the people of Nuuk. It opened in 2005  and is found in the former Adventist church, a few minutes walk from the centre of Nuuk. The gift included a collection of art from Greenland, collected by the couple. While the museum started as a private enterprise, it is currently operated by the municipality.

Fascinating works on display
The permanent exhibition, which is comprised mainly of Svend and Helene’s collection, includes works by  Danish artists, such as Christine Deichmann, J.E.C. Rasmussen, Harald Moltke and Emanuel A. Pedersen. The museum also exhibits a collection of more recent artists such as Simon Kristoffersen, Miki Jacobsen, Buuti Pedersen, Hans Lynge, Anne-Birthe Hove and Pia Arke. It also has an extensive collection of soapstone, bone, wood, and ivory carvings from across Greenland.

Current exhibition
“We change exhibitions three to four times a year in the big exhibition room, and then there are smaller exhibitions in other parts of the museum”, said Hanne. “The big exhibitions always have a theme or a solo artist.” The current exhibition centres around artists from Grafisk Værksted, which opened in 1972 and became the Greenland Art School at the end of 1980. Work on display includes various graphic techniques such as  lithography, serigraphy, copperplate printing and linoleum printing from more than 30 artists. The exhibition opened on Greenland’s National Day, 21st June and can be seen until 2nd October 2022. Special events On annual days of importance, such as Culture Night, International Museum Day, and National Day, the museum
organises special events where all locals and tourists are welcome.

Nuuk Artmuseum

Travelling to Nuuk
“People should visit Nuuk for the cultural scene”, said Hanne. “All the national cultural institutions are in Nuuk,
including the Art Museum, the Culture House, National Museum and National Theatre.” But for those unable to travel to Nuuk, you can find more information about Greenland’s rich culture on YouTube, the Art Museum’s website, and social media channels.

Nuuk Art Museum
Kissarneqqortuunnguaq 5, 3900 Nuuk
+299 32 77 33