Gray Line Iceland

There are not many tours in the world that will take in mountains and glaciers, volcanos and waterfalls, geothermal areas and strange beaches, countryside and communities all in the space of a single day.

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South Coast and Waterfalls

The tour to the south coast encompasses all these elements and the winter months present visitors with an entirely different landscape, showing the sights with a very different perspective.

Leaving Reykjavik, the coach heads for the Hellisheiði mountain range. Even from a distance, the steam from the geothermal area can be seen billowing up into the early morning sky. Crossing the plateau, the plumes of steam turn first blood red then white as the sun rises over the countryside. You feel as though you are being transported through another world-and this is only the start of the tour.

A panorama is laid out before you as you come off the mountain. On the right, the sea and on the left, the village of Hveragerði, with picturesque streams and hot springs sending up energetic clouds of steam.


Volcano country

By the time the coach reaches Hvolsvellur, you will probably be thinking about some refreshments and this is where there is a stop for just that. You are now in volcano country, very close to the well-known Eyjafjallajökull and Fimmvöruhals volcanos that have hit the headlines – and the airlines – in the past few years. Not far away are the other big hitters: Hekla and Katla, both of which are still sleeping, though scientists say they are due to awake any time.

The landscape changes when you leave Hveragerði. On the right, the Westmen Islands rise out of the sea and, before you know it, a mountain appears on the left with what look like strands of silver hair falling from it. This is the beautiful Seljalandsfoss, the waterfall that you can walk behind. In winter, it is all the more beautiful. If it is cold, some of the falls may be frozen columns of ice. Continuing into the interior, you would come to the Þórsmörk National Park but, today, we are continuing under Eyjafjallajökull to Skógar. The waterfall here inspired the design of the cathedral that overlooks all Reykjavik. This is Skógarfoss, its black basalt columns creating a cathedral effect of their own.


This is also the land of the famous Njáls Saga. The tour that takes in the south coast and the dramatic waterfalls of Seljalandsfoss and Skógarfoss encompasses also takes you over mountains, past volcanos and down to the beaches of Vík.

Gray Line Iceland have a variety of unusual tours that make a visit to Iceland a very memorable experience. Whether it is enjoying the bonfire and fireworks on New Year’s Eve or watching an ethereal light show as the Northern Lights sweep across the night sky in a silent dance of awesome proportions, these tours are different, filled with the best that makes Iceland the destination of choice for adventurous travellers.


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