Arnór Kári

The Eye of Timelessness
28.01 – 29.03 2016

The Eye of Timelessness is the name of a new exhibition in Skotið at Reykjavík Museum of Photography with photos shot by Arnór Kári.
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When it comes to photography, Arnór Kári places a firm emphasis on being in the present. He’s searching for a moment when he can fuse completely with that of the subject. In other words, he wants to be in a specific frame of mind where he can cease the relentless search for “the perfect image” and click on impulse, rather, when the feeling strikes.

His photographs tend to draw you in  – you could even say they have the power to transport you to a particular time and place. The textures and subject evoke a feeling of timelessness where episodes of both nature and humanity blend together effortlessly.
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Arnór Kári (born: 1987) graduated from the Icelandic Academy of Arts in the spring of 2012. Since then he’s travelled extensively throughout the world of art. Apart from photographing every step of his journey, he has also changed the face of the city centre with colourful murals (in the form of street art) in addition to participating in numerous art exhibitions and music festivals across the country: some of which include The Reykjavík Arts Festival, Secret Solstice and LungA. More recently Arnór has been establishing himself in the music world going by the name of Andartak, under which he released his first album with Möller Records entitled “Mindscapes”. He is currently working on an adventurous 100-meter long mural for Landspítali – the Reykjavik City Hospital.

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