Aurora Reykjavik’s Northern Lights Center

There is perhaps nothing more magical and unforgettable than witnessing the beauty of a Northern Lights display in one’s lifetime. It’s the dream of many who come to Iceland, but alas, those unpredictable, frenetic lights tend to have a mind of their own and don’t always show up on cue. So it is with great joy that we welcome one of Iceland’s most recent additions – Aurora Reykjavik’s Northern Lights Center, where the Northern Lights are always on display.


A Unique Experience

The centre is the unique creation of four enterprising young Icelanders who recognised the need for just such a place- a kind of one-stop-shop for all things Northern Lights. Located on the far side of Reykjavík’s Old Harbour, the centre serves both educational and inspirational purposes. Here you can read up on the auroras through stories and legends from around the world, learn something about the science behind this amazing phenomenon and gaze at spectacular Northern Lights photography from top Icelandic photographers. There is even a specially equipped ‘photo booth’ where you can learn how to adjust your camera’s settings should you want to try your hand at capturing an auroral display yourself.

Soothing Sights and Sounds

However, Aurora Reykjavik’s real pull and ace up its sleeve is its fantastic HD time-lapse film of recent auroral activity. Projected onto a 7 metre wide screen, you can sit back and enjoy this 13 minute film that features a dazzling display of auroral activity, accompanied by relaxing music. Therapeutic and restful are two words that come to mind to describe this zen-like experience.

aurora-reykjavik-10-2Hot coffee and choice gifts

Before leaving, be sure to grab a free cup of coffee in the Northern Lights Center gift shop and check out the impressive display of clothing, glassware, paintings and woollen knitwear by some of Iceland’s most creative designers. The theme? You guessed it.

Setting the record straight

Callout box: While in Iceland, you might be told that the outside air temperature needs to be around 0°C or below in order to see the Northern Lights. The oft quoted but erroneous assumption is that the Northern Lights only appear at these temperatures. We would just like to set the record straight that while it is true that the Northern Lights do happen to be visible more often when the air is cold and the sky is clear, their appearance has nothing to do with actual temperature of the air.