A Delightful Experience in Stokkseyri

Have you strolled along the beautiful shore on Stokkseyri’s beach? Have you been spellbound by the white foaming waves out by the horizon and let the silvery waves lapping at the shoreline chase and tease you?

South Iceland Seafood Restaurant

Under a blue-pink sky mirrored in the water, this surface tempts and draws, yet is the harrowing limit of our human world. It’s where golden langoustines hook their claws together and dance a belly dance while mermaids serve tables amongst shrimp wrapped in seaweed, clapping shellfish and inquisitive haddock.

Seafood South Iceland

This is a magic moment carrying you away to an intoxicated state of wellbeing and lust. Your greatest desire is to lick on langoustine in garlic butter, gulp down the soup that has been lovingly pampered – little changed through the years. The soup is magical. It is suitable for numerous occasions and happy moments on ordinary days, but Fjöruborðið takes no responsibility for consequences or stirring adventures that could result from ingesting it. It has a will of its own and, as such, it is risky for those who don’t want to venture beyond the average.

Lobster paradise South Iceland

This is the most famous langoustine soup in the Republic of Iceland, prepared by handsome cooks who step naked out of the ocean at Stokkseyri with their catch: the plumpest langoustines who desire only one thing – to get onto dry land. Adventurous creatures from the ocean world want to join us in just the same way as we want to join them in the depths  People have struggled against storm after storm to get here and enjoy this soup. The desire for it can be so strong that rational thinking simply blows away with the wind. Below the black rock face at the Þrengsli mountain pass, between mountain vistas, under the stars, people rush toward the sea to sit down with our guests and partyhappy ghosts, surrounded by some tickling pleasure coming from magical bowls at The Seashore, where a thousand candles cast their glow on weathered faces and loving wineskins. Matarást, the Icelandic expression for „love of food“ takes on a new meaning. 

Fjöruborðið Restaurant in the village of Stokkseyri is an enchanted place of delight. People have to tear themselves away from it – but that’s all right. There’s only positive magic inside, tickling both stomach and soul. And now the magic has been sealed into jars for those who struggle with an irresistible craving for this great seafood delicacy from Icelandic waters, even when they’re unfortunate enough to be not close to the restaurant. Enjoy! Remember to live life to the fullest, and enjoy every pleasure and suspense that a good day brings.

Eyrarbraut 3a • 825 Stokkseyri
+354 483 1550 [email protected]