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For over 85 years, travellers have relied on Guðmundur Jónasson Travel

去85年以来,古斯木杜尔 乔纳森/Guðmundur Jónasson旅行社深得游客们的信赖。


Iceland was experiencing the biggest changes to its society since its settlement in the 900’s. One young man with a dream, a vision and a thirst for adventure had just got his driving license to drive one of the new motorised vehicles that were starting to appear.
Reynisfjara beach with view to Dyrholaey

Reynisfjara beach with view to Dyrholaey

Roads were slowly being built, though most were just gravel tracks, and some rivers were being bridged, opening up whole regions of the country to visitors. Most people still travelled by horseback on narrow paths through difficult terrain. The first steamships were making the 3-day trip from Leith, bringing goods from Europe and the first modern tourists and the first hotels were being built in the capital.
Glacial lagoon boat trip

Glacial lagoon boat trip

The year was 1929. The young man was Guðmundur Jónasson. Guðmundur loved to go to the Highlands, the glaciers and the seldom-visited interior of the country. His dream was to share the beauties of his country with the world.
这一年是1929年,这个年轻人就是古斯木杜尔 乔纳森/Guðmundur Jónasson。他对冰岛的高地,冰川和人迹罕至的内陆是那么热爱,他梦想着能和全世界的人分享冰岛的美丽。
Glacier Lagoon
During the summer months, he took his little bus, laden with wide-eyed travellers, on tours out to the countryside. Many Icelanders had not even ventured out of the capital area – only one-tenth the size of today’s capital, so this was a revolutionary experience that changed their lives and understanding of the country.
GJ Travel winter tour

GJ Travel winter tour

His dependability quickly won the respect of travellers and people knew they could trust him to provide a reliable service. As his reputation grew, so did his fleet of buses and coaches.
古斯木杜尔 乔纳森/Guðmundur Jónasson的诚信可靠很快赢得了游客们的认可和尊敬,人们知道他是可信赖的,因为他能给游客提供安全可靠的服务。日复一日,年复一年,随着古斯木杜尔 乔纳森/Guðmundur Jónasson知名度的提高,他的车队规模也越来越大。

Thingvellir in golden cirkel

Today’s fleet is a far cry from his first bus, made up of a wide range of vehicles for different conditions. There are modern luxury coaches, Super Jeeps and special 4 wheel drive, high clearance buses, specially adapted to conquer the challenges of highland travel, with its rugged conditions and often fast-flowing rivers.
今天,与他拥有第一辆车的时候相比,,古斯木杜尔 乔纳森/Guðmundur Jónasson的车队完全变了模样。从现代豪华箱车,超级吉普车,专用四轮驱动车,到特别适合在崎岖不平的道路以及水流湍急的高地上行驶的高架式大客车,各式车辆,应有尽有。


With many visitors returning year after year with their families and friends to experience more of the country with Guðmundur Jónasson Travel, the number of tours has also grown, with qualified, multi-lingual guides. Today, the company specialises in group tours for Chinese visitors, with guides who speak fluent Mandarin, giving them the opportunity to experience the best the country has to offer and see sights that few of their fellow countrymen will ever have the chance to enjoy.
每年来冰岛旅游的游客中,有很多人已是故地重游。他们会带上家人和朋友,一起前来冰岛,为的是更多地感受古斯木杜尔 乔纳森旅行社/Guðmundur Jónasson Travel带给他们的美好假日时光。正是这个原因,旅行社安排的游览数量不断增加,高质量多语导游队伍也不断扩充。现在,旅行社推出了针对中国游客的团游业务,每个团都会配备会讲一口流利普通话的导游,使游客能够得到最好的旅行体验,欣赏他们国内同胞很难有机会看到的风景。


Guðmundur’s family run the company now, offering both scheduled and specialised tours, taking care of all the details of accommodation and itinerary so visitors can get the most out of their time in Iceland. If you have a group with a special interest, they will build a tour around it that will surpass your expectations, as their wealth of experience and knowledge of the country and its features enables them to craft tours to include the finest the country can offer in that field.
现在,古斯木杜尔Guðmundur 家族经营着这家旅行社。旅行社提供常规行程和定制行程服务。食宿和日程的所有细节,都为游客们精心安排妥帖,这样,游客可以有更多的时间观光旅游。如果您所在的旅行团有某个特殊的兴趣,那么所有行程将会围绕着这个兴趣点来安排。由于旅行社经验丰富,加上对冰岛及冰岛特色深度了解,它将结合您的特殊兴趣,为您定制最佳的旅游路线,为您展示您最感兴趣的最美的冰岛。相信结果一定会超出您的预期,让您满意而归。

northen light

The spirit of adventure still permeates the company, who have expanded the boundaries of their tours to pioneer new areas and even new countries, such as Greenland and the Faroe Islands. If you share that dream to get off the beaten paths and explore some new region, then this is the company that not only shares that vision but can be trusted to fulfill it. This has earned them the respect of the travel industry and, while many try to copy them, their pioneering spirit takes them to the forefront of the tourist organisations.
今天,冒险精神依然深深地影响着这家旅行社,他们把旅游做到了冰岛以外,不断开辟新的领域和新的国家,比如格陵和法罗群岛。如果您也有着同样的情怀,不想走寻常路,而欲另辟蹊径,那么您完全可以信任这家旅行社,它一定会帮您实现梦想。也正是因为这一点,古斯木杜尔 乔纳森旅行社/Guðmundur Jónasson Travel 赢得了业界的尊重。当很多家旅行社还在效仿他们的已有的模式时,创新精神激励着它们始终走在在行业的领先地位。
Kerid (4)


Whether you want to bathe in the Blue Lagoon or tour the isolated West Fjords, whether you want to see the natural wonders of the glacial lagoon and the black sands in the south or climb to the top of one of the glaciers, feel the warmth of the lava from Eyjafjallajökull or watch the eruption of a geysir in a hot spring area, Guðmundur Jónasson’s family company can make it happen for you and your friends so that you will return home with the glow of having experienced something unique and life-changing. That is Iceland.
无论您想与蓝湖/Blue Lagoon来个亲密接触, 还是想一睹西部峡湾的壮观;无论您想欣赏冰川湖的自然奇观,还是想去南部看一看特有的黑沙、或者攀上某个冰川之巅,感受埃亚菲亚德拉火山/Eyjafjallajökull喷发出的岩浆的温暖,或者在温泉区观看间歇喷泉的喷发。古斯木杜尔 乔纳森旅行社/Guðmundur Jónasson Travel 都会帮助您和您的朋友们一一实现,让您带着冰岛旅行的各种独特的体验,心满意足地踏上返程的旅途。

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