The cathedral on the left was consecrated in 1776. The Parliament building is on the

The skating rink at Ingólfstorg.

Christmas is a Christian holiday that is well-suited to Iceland, as the majority of the
country's population is Lutheran. According to Statistics Iceland, there are 198,317 members of the
Lutheran National Church, making it the largest religious denomination in the country. The Catholic
Church comes in second place with 11,462 parishioners, followed by the Æsir religion with 5,215
members, and Humanist Iceland with 4,718 individuals. There are also 964 Buddhists, 881 Muslims,
and 627 members of the Russian/Ukrainian Orthodox Church residing in Iceland. Icelandic
Times/Land & Saga went downtown to photograph the country's two main churches, the Cathedral
and Hallgrímskirkja, located in the city centre and captured some other moments in the perfect
weather of last night.

Looking up Skólavörðustígur to Hallgrímskirkja, inaugurated in 1986


The corner of Hafnarstræti and Aðalsstræti

Photographs andtext: Páll Stefánsson
Reykjavík 29/12/2023 – A7C : FE 1.8/20mm G