Hike over glaciers, volcanoes and mountains

Básar in Goðaland provides the accommodation

Basar utivistBásar in Goðaland is a place with mountain huts in the great hiking area of Þórsmörk.  It is owned by Útivist, the Icelandic hiking club. It is located at the junction of two of Iceland’s most famous hiking trails, Fimmvörðuháls and Laugavegur.

The huts can accommodate 80-90 people and are occupied by wardens from early May until October. In the summer there is running water and water toilets near the huts and on many of the campsites. The huts are heated with oil stoves. Útivist has published a hiking map with descriptions of paths around Þórsmörk and Goðaland.  If you are looking for a good hiking area this might be exactly what you are looking for, a place where you can find glaciers, volcanoes and beautiful landscape. GPS coordinate: N 63°40.559´ W 19°29.014´

For booking, contact the Útivist office

Ferðafélagið Útivist

Laugavegur 178, 105 Reykjavik
Tel. +354 562 1000
[email protected]