A dolphin in Akranes

Out on Grenjar in Akranes yesterday, this father and son were looking at the ship Höfrungur AK 91 (Dolphin), an oak ship built there in 1955. Höfrungur AK91, or the little dolphin as the locals called it, fished exceptionally well. The ship was then sold to Portugal in 1986, but for various reasons, Höfrungur never went there. Finally, it ended up on the shore in front of Þorgeir Jósefsson’s Shipyard, where the ship was built 66 years ago. The ship is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Akranes. This beautiful town is only 50 km / 30 mi away from the capital, a town that has so much to offer. There is one of the best frisbee golf courses in the country, a fantastic open-air museum and of course, the Guðlaug, a natural pool in the tide line of Langasandur beach.

Finnish father and son on a trip around Iceland and look at the dolphin in Akranes.

Akranes 01/08/2021  16:17 135mm

Photo and text: Páll Stefánsson