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Icelandic Times Extra
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Icelandic Times Extra is an extensive and informative book about the celandic Tourist Industry. It contains articles from the first 16 issues of Icelandic Times magazine as well as a number of brand new articles on nature, natural wonders, birds and wildlife, towns and villages, museums and galleries, swimming pools,activities, curiosities, accommodation, restaurants, design and handicraft – and the endless exciting possibilities available to our guests. The winter wonders with the Nordic Lights, the summer season with the Midnight Sun. Whether it is fising, sailing, horse-riding, skiing, snowmobiling, adventure tours, hiking, mountaineering, river-rafting, glaciertours, hang-gliding, or just plain relaxation in the tranquil nature, here you will find the best possibilities on offer in Iceland.
The book travels clock-wise around Iceland, starting in Reykjavík – at 08.00 – with maps for villages and towns, as well as greater areas. There is vast information on each of the ten main areas, their specialities and interest points; Reykjavík,West Coast, Westfjords, North-West, North-East, East, South-East, South, South-West and, of course, the Highlands. The tourist industry is an ever-growing field and thus we do not claim to give a complete account of the possibilities – but we are close.
You can be pretty sure you‘ll fid everything you need in this book.

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