Yes, there are harbours in Kópavogur 

The smallest harbour in the capital area is in the second largest municipality in Iceland, Kópavogur. This morning there was a heavy stream of trucks dumping snow that had been cleared from the streets and sidewalks into the harbor. The harbor area, which is the westernmost part of Kársnes, is undergoing extensive development and renovation. There on the promontory, a warm, modern neighborhood will be created mixed with the old settlement. For those interested in import and export, here is information about the tariff of the harbour of Kópavogur. The cheapest per ton of coal, grain, salt, fertilizer and waste for recycling is ISK 237. Gasoline, fish oil and fishmeal costs ISK 291 per ton. It costs ISK 485 for heavy goods such as sacks, iron and steel, fishing gear, land and sea products, fruit, non-alcoholic drinks, canned food and raw materials for construction projects. Other products that are not specified in tariffs 1 to 3, it costs ISK 1,226 per ton to go through the harbour of Kópavogur.

Sailing into Kópavogur harbor, you can catch a glimpse at the President’s Residence at Bessastaðir on Álftanes across Skerjafjörður.

The Viking ship Dakar lies old and tired at the dock in Kópavogur harbour. A truck dumps snow into the harbor.

The marina in Kópavogur harbour.

This small and new harbor in the middle of Kársnes in Fossvogur has two names, Ýmishöfn and Naustarbrygja

Kópavogur 16/02/2022 09:35-10:34 – A7R III – A7C : FE 1.4/24mm GM – FE 1.8/135mm GM Photographs and text: Páll Stefánsson