Journey to the Inside of a Glacier

Experience a Glacier from the Inside with Into the Glacier
Exploring the surface of a glacier is thrilling, but actually getting inside of one is a once in a lifetime experience. The staff behind Into the Glacier offers travellers that rare opportunity. Situated in the western part of Langjökull, the second largest ice cap in Iceland, and 1,260 metres above sea level, the ice cave stretches 40 meter deep underground giving visitors the chance to see ice that’s been forming over centuries. The ice cave stretches more than 550 meters in the glacier.
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The classic guided tour begins in Húsafell, which is 130 km from Reykjavik, when guests board one of the most unique vehicles ever made, a customised super truck. The truck, which seats up to 35 passengers, was acquired from NATO, where it was originally used as a cruise missile launcher. The 20 km trip up to the glacier is an experience in itself in good weather or bad. Clear days offer exquisite views of the vast icy desert, while poor weather conditions reveal the power and unpredictability of Icelandic weather.
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Once inside, travellers, with crampons attached to their feet, get to experience something so few have seen. Lit by LED lights, guests begin to explore the tunnel, with a knowledgeable guide leading small groups, talking about many interesting facts about Iceland’s glaciers. Travellers are treated to views of gaping crevices as they look above. Additionally, there is a special area in the cave, which developers named the “chapel,” with blocks of LED-lit blocks of ice supporting wooden beams, which serves as a venue for weddings, marriage proposals and concerts.
icelandic times Roman GerasymenkoInto the Glacier offers daily departures from Húsafell at 12:30 p.m. and the tour lasts about four hours during the winter. Day tours from Reykjavik to the ice cave are available as well. For those that would like to treat themselves to lunch, Hotel Húsafell provides a scrumptious lunch, for a fee, before you head out on your excursion. Be sure to consider Into the Glacier on your next trip to Iceland!Skarpi_C13A3278Skarpi_iceland icelandic timesInto The Glacier icelandic times

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