“Here, we serve Korean-inspired food with a Los Angeles twist, such as tacos filled with Korean materials”, says Atli Snær, head chef at KORE. Atli Snær is a professional chef who has worked at many restaurants since graduation. While still an intern he got the opportunity of training at the Michelin star restaurant Agern, at New York’s Grand Central Station. In Los Angeles, he got the hang of fusing all kinds of traditional cooking together, which is reflected at KORE.

Kore Restaurant

There one can have beef, pork and chicken served, for example, with Korean Kimsche (fermented cabbage) or sauces with Gochujang (fermented chili paste). “Our chicken wings became so popular that we could not get enough wings, and could only have them on the menu once a week”, says Atli Snær. Locals have liked the food from day one and now travellers have joined in and truly enjoy this Icelandic fusion of Korea and LA.

Atli Snær - head chef at KORE
Atli Snær – Head chef at KORE

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