Páll’s artwork at Húsafell

There was an unusual atmosphere at Húsafell yesterday, the innermost settlement in the west of the country. All news and television stations in the country were gathered there yesterday afternoon. A new house was to be demolished, a museum that Páll Guðmundsson (1959), a sculptor at Húsafell, had built. A neighbour had sued and won it on a legal technicality. Fortunately, the matter ended in a settlement at the very last minute, so the Tombstone Museum can stand. The land of Húsafell is not only beautiful but also extensive, 100 km2 / 40 sq mi, and reaches two glaciers, Langjökull and Eiríksjökull. Nearby is one of the wonders of Iceland, Hraunfossar and of course, the caves Víðgelmir and Surtshellir. It’s an extensive leisure area, hotel and golf course are just north of the church at Húsafell and the museum next door, which will now stand for years to come for future generations. From Reykjavík it is only 144 km / 89 mi to Húsafell through the Hvalfjörður tunnel.

One of many sculptures by Pál Guðmundsson that decorate nature at Húsafell. Mount Strútur in the distance to the left.

Borgarfjarðarsýsla 12/08/2021 14:19: A7RIV 1.4 / 24mm GM

Photo and text: Páll Stefánsson