Make Glass Beads Like A Viking!
Saturday, 11th July 2020. Time: 13:00-15:00

Glass bead and necklace making, Viking Style!
Talented glassblower, Fanndís Huld Valdimarsdóttir, will be at the settlement Exhibition offering a fabulous workshop for kids, showing them how to melt glass and mould beautiful beads over an open fire. Fanndís, who uses both modern techniques and older methods used by the Vikings, will also be available to chat with everyone and talk about the fascinating, age-old craft of glass-bead making. During the Viking Age, beautiful glass beads were worn as symbols of wealth and status and even used as valuable currency. Such glass beads are often discovered during excavations of heathen burial sites.

After the demonstration, kids can sit down and craft their own necklaces or bracelets from an excellent selection of colourful glass beads. All materials needed for the workshop, which is free of charge, are available on site.
Free admission for adults attending the workshop with children. The event is part of the 2020 Reykjavík Children’s Culture Festival – on from May to August.
The Settlement Exhibition is part of the Reykjavík City Museum – One museum, five fabulous locations!